St Lucia

St. Lucia is a hauntingly beautiful creation of Mother Nature. Spectacular natural scenery, awe-inspiring geologic formations, and a thriving, colorful culture give St. Lucia a character that is unlike any other island in the Caribbean region.

During your St. Lucia holidays, soak up the sun while lounging on the golden and silver sands, hike up the towering and foreboding Pitons to cast your eyes on the landscape, inhale the earthy vibes of the primordial rainforests, and drown yourself in the soulful strains of jazz that waft through the air. A holiday to St. Lucia recalibrates you at the core of your being. Being in the midst of pristine naturescapes and mingling with a people who live authentic, engaged, and connected lives help you re-orient your priorities and steer your life in meaningful directions.

The Pitons: A Surreal Experience

The Pitons, a pair of mountains jutting out from the sea and reaching for the Heavens, are a geographical icon of St. Lucia and a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring expression of Mother Nature’s whims.

These twin, conical volcanic peaks are carpeted by cedars and mangoes in their lower reaches; the foliage then gives way to a stark, rocky façade all the way to the top. But the climb is worth the effort because you are rewarded with sweeping views of the lush environs. From the summit, you look out to a canopy of greenery, sprinkled with colorful houses. Beyond shimmers the turquoise waters of the sea that gently breaks on the palm-fringed shores. Still beyond lies a misty, hazy landscape dotted with tiny islands that rise up from the sea and resemble speckles of brown on the waterbody.

During your holiday in St. Lucia, you will not come across a sight more surreal, foreboding, and primal than the Pitons jabbing the skies and watching over the island in an eternal vigil. The Pitons remind you of the fiery, raw power of Mother Nature that creates and destroys in an instant.

Nature: Abundant and Beautiful

Mother Nature has worked Her magic on St. Lucia, blessing the island with breathtaking beauty. Her deft brushstrokes have created gorgeous sandy beaches kissed by waves of turquoise water, rainforests that swathe the mountainsides in a lush carpet of green, misty dawns that slowly unveil brilliant sunny days, and fiery sunsets that blaze the landscape with gorgeous reds, bright oranges, deep maroons, and sparkling yellows. The many tropical fruits of the region add pops of color to the landscape; it seems as if Mother Nature has playfully splattered paint all over the island. Holidays in St. Lucia will leave you mesmerized. The natural beauty of this tiny island is unpretentious. It does not smother you but caresses your senses, so you are left feeling soothed and refreshed.

A Cultural Sojourn

A St. Lucia holiday is definitely for the culture vultures, the folks who want to understand where people come from, what is important to them as a race, what stirs them deeply, and how do they aspire to grow. The culture of St. Lucia draws on its eclectic African, East Indian, English, and French heritage. Strains and motifs from all over the world have blended seamlessly to create music that speaks the language of many hearts, cuisine that brings together many different flavors on a single exotic platter, and festivals that celebrate the diversity of the people.

Rainforest Adventures

On your holidays to St. Lucia, don’t miss a trip into the heart of the rainforests. You can choose between adrenaline-pumping adventures, hiking at a languid pace on the trails that crisscross the forest, or firmly planting yourself, probably perched up, somewhere, field glasses in hand, to spy on the birds.

The primal rainforests of St. Lucia straddle the mountainsides and are home to giant ficus trees and white and red cedars, dew-dropping ferns, and spiky, tall cacti. At times, a wall of silence seems to envelop the forest. At other times, the air is filled with the calls and cries of the many exotic species of birds that nest here.

Take a walk through the forest, feel the leaves crunch under your feet, and reach out to touch the soft, mossy growth that covers the tree trunks. Or zip-line! Feel the wind whip past your ears as you careen down at breakneck speeds. The trees are a hazy blur of green, and the craggy faces of the mountains loom up large in front of you and then fall away into the distance just as suddenly. Keep your eyes open to catch a glimpse of the shimmering seas in the horizon or a blur of colorful plumage among the green canopy.   

Rainforest adventures during your holiday to St. Lucia transport you to Mother Nature’s workshop; free your senses, so you can see Her working with Her wand and cauldron.

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