Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a tale of two islands. Trinidad is the an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean and this is visible in the pristine rain-forested and rich blue waters sitting alongside ugly industrial estates and oil refineries.

Holidays to Tobago on the other hand is typify everything we have come to expect from a Caribbean island. Here, forests of breadfruit, mango, cocoa, and citrus complemented by palm trees and plenty of white sandy beaches are the common sights that greet visitors. Tobago holidays are popular for Trinidadians who escape the bustling commercial centre to this sleepy and mellow destination at the weekend.

Trinidad and Tobago is a complete package

Trinidad and Tobago holidays are for bird lovers eager to spot some rare species. A Trinidad and Tobago holiday is also for the culture seeker, the history buff, the art lover, and the music maniac. The land of the Calypso, steel drum, soca rhythms, and limbo, Trinidad and Tobago is a place where music connects hearts and makes friends out of strangers. It is a place where the past co-exists harmoniously with the present.  It is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the world, and in a planet where “being different” is an invitation to be persecuted or killed, Trinidad and Tobago teaches visitors how imbibing nuances from other cultures enriches one’s own identity and expression.

Enchanting Natural Beauty

Nature lovers, sun worshippers, solitude seekers, and wilderness explorers go on holidays to Trinidad and Tobago to charge their batteries with a dose of high-vibration frequencies that Mother Nature exudes. Palm-lined golden beaches, sparkling turquoise waters that stretch for as far as the eyes travel, forest-draped lush hillsides echoing with the calls of birds, cascading waterfalls, and dramatic rocky mountainous faces make up the beautiful landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, or just lounging on the beach doing nothing—you can choose how you want to enjoy your interlude.

Of Wings and Claws and Feathers and Talons

Go on a holiday to Trinidad and Tobago if you are one of those people who look forward to perching atop a tree or hanging from a branch for hours on end, cramped legs and sore back notwithstanding, to get just a fleeting glimpse of an exotic bird. This place is home to more than 400 species of birds who inhabit the lush rainforests, dense mangrove swamps, and sanctuaries, some of which located in the unlikeliest of places. (The wildfowl thrives at the Pointe-à-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, near an oil refinery!) Birdwatching holidays in Trinidad and Tobago provide lessons in wildlife conservation. But you also realize that the islanders have a thing or two to teach the world about honoring different life forms and co-existing harmoniously.

The Past Preserved

A Trinidad and Tobago tour is a curious journey to the past that you undertake with your feet firmly planted in the present. The bustling urban center of Port of Spain with its swanky entertainment and recreation joints, numerous business establishments, and glittering lights not only reflect the prosperity of the region but also shed light on where the nation as a whole wants to move to in future. But underneath the present that is so palpable is a lovingly-preserved past that the locals refuse to let go.

Relics from the region’s turbulent history and eclectic culture that has morphed through the ages find place of honor at the Fort King George and the Tobago Museum. The skyline of Port of Spain is dotted with grand colonial buildings and Renaissance-style architecture.
The past is evident even in the way the locals lead their lives and connect with the world around them. The Mount St. Benedict Monastery holds on to and diligently practices the values of self-sustenance and hospitality that it was founded on in the early 20th century.

A Potpourri of Cultures and a Medley of Arts

Trinidad is the most ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan destination in the Caribbean region. Over the ages, the island has seen a sea of humanity wash over its shores from all corners of the world, seep into the seams of the society, and create an intriguing mosaic of cultures, customs, and beliefs. On your holiday in Trinidad and Tobago, peer closer to discern the imprints Creole, African, East Indian, American-Indian, and East Indian people have left on the cuisine, music, arts, architecture, and festivals of the region. Drawn by the bracing climate of the region, the myriad trade and commerce opportunities afforded by its strategic geographic location, and the warmth and hospitality of the locals, Chinese, Lebanese, Middle-Eastern, French, and Spanish people too have arrived here in droves and made Trinidad and Tobago their home.

A tour in Trinidad and Tobago is a cultural journey that you undertake to discover the uniqueness of a welcoming and inclusive people whose psyche has been shaped by currents and influences from all over the world that they have imbibed willingly and enthusiastically.

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